New Website

During my winter break I decided to re-brand myself as I get closer to finishing my Masters degree. I finally wanted to sit down and take a look at how far Drupal 7 could go now that many of the modules that I was waiting were ready. 

I'm not much of a designer so building upon themes developed by others is an immense help to me and many others. I found the Bluemasters Drupal theme have exactly what I was looking for. A simple design that had a pop to it.

With this new site I'm looking forward to publishing more blog posts that do not necessarily deal with CinemaFunk or ProgSnobs. I plan on documenting some of the obstacles and the results of more difficult Drupal or Wordpress configurations and administration.

About the Author

Aaron Weiss is currently a Graduate Cinema Studies student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and slowly, but surely, finishing up his thesis. When not working on his thesis, he writes movie reviews for CinemaFunk and prog rock reviews for ProgSnobs.